What gives mobile proxies an advantage over VPNs?

What gives mobile proxies an advantage over VPNsrent locations

Both VPNs and 4G mobile proxies hide over your real IP address. So, why isn’t that enough? There’s a difference between truly hiding among the public (mobile proxies), and being unidentified but obvious in your desire to be unidentified (VPNs).

Although a VPN can hide your IP, all VPN IPs are very well known by all platforms, websites, and ISPs so they’re going to limit and block your activities based on this. Mobile proxies, on the other hand, make you just another IP in a crowd of millions of cell phone users – to the platforms, websites, and ISPs you look entirely normal like you’re not trying to hide a thing. This is why mobile proxies are so popular, as opposed to VPNs.

VPNs are good for simple personal tasks like accessing websites or applications that are otherwise blocked in specific geolocation – for example using Netflix to watch movies available in a different country. However, for most use-cases related to web scraping or automation, mobile proxies are superior solutions.