How to Add Credit to Your MountProxies Account

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How to Add Credit to Your MountProxies Account

Let’s begin with an explanation of what Credits are exactly. Credits are real money, and that’s money in about any amount that you can add in your MountProxies account through a number of authorised ways (cards. cryptocurrency etc.). In MountProxies, Credits work in the same way as any normal payment system does, you buy something, you get the bill, you pay with a card or through online payment. The only difference is that the Credits are funds that you add in advance, which you can use for MountProxies payments and subscriptions in the future. Some of the ways adding Credits help you are:

1. Credits can be deducted for subscription renewal. So, if you are a busy person and have to worry about 10 different things other than your proxy subscriptions, you can simply add the required amount for renewal of your subscription(s) as Credits. You can then forget about renewals because guess what, MountProxies will automatically deduct Credits as necessary for renewing subscriptions.

2. Apart from subscription renewals, Credits can also help you manage extra payments. What if someday, you want to replace your Normal IP rotation option with a Manual IP rotation feature? In a couple of steps using Credits, you can pay the extra fee without having to go through multiple steps of refunds and new subscriptions. Saves time!

3. If you want to request a bulk order of proxies, Credits are a helpful way to make and process your required pre-payment. In this way you can get your proxies all on one day in the future when they’re setup for you.

Adding Credits in MountProxies is as easy as it can be. You need to:

1. Log in to your MountProxies account. If you haven’t registered yet, you must sign up.

2. Once you’re logged in your account, go to the `Account` page.

3. Click on `Billing & Credit`.

4. In the Credit field, enter a Credit amount and press the `Add Credit` button.

5. Enter your card details in the checkout page. You can also reuse a card that you’ve already saved for payments.

6. Once you’ve entered all relevant details, click on `Pay`.

7. The desired amount will be credited to your account.

MountProxies is always open to customer suggestions so if you have any positive or negative feedback about our features, we encourage you to reach out to our Customer Support.