What Is An Elite Proxy?

Elite Proxy

Proxies are used for a multitude of reasons but one main function that they serve is providing anonymity. Hence they are divided into categories based on the level of anonymity they provide to their users.

What Is An Elite Proxy/High Anonymity Proxy?

High Anonymity Proxy takes the lead when it comes to ensuring the highest level of anonymity. With a highly anonymous proxy in place, the server you connect to receives no information about your actual IP address. In fact, it cannot even detect that the connection was proxied. For this very reason, they have also termed Elite Proxies and these terms are used interchangeably. An elite proxy comes with all the basic functions of any other proxy out there, with the addition of some unique features. Its uniqueness lies not in its ability to mask your actual IP but in that it can conceal the fact that a user is using a proxy server giving users an added sense of privacy and security.

How Does An Elite Proxy Work?

An elite proxy or high anonymity proxy works in the same way as a regular HTTP proxy: an HTTP client sends web requests to an elite proxy which then forwards them to the actual web server. The web server sees the proxy server simply as another real, organic connection and responds back with the required information as usual. The proxy server then delivers the HTTP response back to the original client. This process goes on back and forth and it appears that the server is actually the user making the real user behind the forwarded requests a ghost.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Elite Proxies?

Elite Proxy or High Anonymity Proxy can be highly valuable. To establish the superiority of these proxies, let us discuss in detail some of the unique benefits that you can get with them in place:

  1. Absolute Anonymity: With anonymous proxies, your IP address is hidden but sites may still be able to differentiate between real connections and the ones coming from a proxy. This is not the case with Elite proxies. They are also known as Level 1 Proxies. This name results from their unique feature of providing absolute anonymity to a user, his IP address, personal data, and his overall online existence. It not only completely hides the original request but it is highly unlikely for the webserver to be able to know that the HTTP request comes from a proxy. In short, it not only hides the trail but the existence of the proxy as a whole.
  1. Highly Secure: Elite proxies are designed in such a way that Headers normally sent out by such a proxy do not include a user’s IP address as is customary. Thus, it becomes quite impossible for them to know that instead of a real IP a proxy connection is in action. Furthermore, elite proxies are considered the most secure as users can use them in conjunction with other platforms to improve their computer security further.
  1. Hardest to be Detected/Blocked: Since these proxies are highly secure in their mode of operation and additionally most owners of high anonymity proxies change the IP addresses of the servers periodically for greater credibility, this enables them to fly under the radar and avoid detection or get blocked for that matter.
  1. Protection from MITM Attacks: While you are using an Elite Proxy, you leave no footprints that can be traced back to you or your data since you are not using your own IP for online web surfing. All your traffic is routed through that proxy server making your data highly inaccessible. This saves you the trouble of worrying about hackers or other malicious actors eavesdropping, accessing, and manipulating your personal data.

What Makes Mobile Proxies Elite Proxies?

All of the aforementioned benefits can be achieved if you find a reliable provider who keeps his end of the deal. The best sort of anonymity is, however, provided by mobile proxies as they are the hardest to be detected since they use mobile network IPs-emulate the behavior of real cell phone users on data plans so it is extremely hard for websites or other platforms to detect them as proxies in the first place.

Unique Benefits Of Mobile Proxies

Many unique features/benefits set mobile proxies apart from the rest of the proxies and make them an elite proxy, aka high anonymity proxy. Let us highlight those features one by one.

  1. Highly Undetectable: 5G mobile proxies are the hardest to be detected since they use mobile network IPs-emulate the behavior of real cell phone users on data plans so it is extremely hard for websites or other platforms to detect them as proxies. This is highly useful as it is very unlikely that they will trigger any anti-proxy measures put in place by websites as they cannot detect the presence of a proxy in action in the first place.
  1. Absolute Anonymity: Mobile proxies operate on dynamic IPs. What that means is the IPs keep shuffling among different users. This ensures that a particular IP won’t stay with a single user for too long and it can make rounds between different users over the course of time. In consequence, this makes the online activity of all those users more secure as their real IP is masked behind different, dynamic IP addresses and the online activity cannot be tracked back to a single user if attempted.
  1. Access to Fresh IPs: Besides providing a high level of anonymity and security in consequence, mobile proxies are highly useful for their access to fresh IPs. The continuous expansion of mobile networks ensures that there is a continuous supply of fresh IPs to the users. If one IP goes down for any number of reasons, there are many ready to replace it.
  1. Bulk Account Creation: As discussed above, as mobile proxies rotative IPs, they come quite in handy when one desires to create accounts in bulk as users can make use of dynamic IPs for different account creation processes.
  1. Manage Multiple Accounts: With mobile proxies, users get their hands on diverse IP addresses, they cannot only create but also run and manage multiple social media accounts with the help of that IP pool. The whole process is a smooth one as these IPs and accounts can function without raising a red flag.
  1. Marketing Research: Another advantage of using mobile proxies is that they allow users to access geo-restricted content which is otherwise denied to them. They can just appear as residents of a particular region with the help of mobile proxies and enjoy geo-restricted online streaming services as well as conduct marketing surveys and research. 
  1. Smooth Data Scraping: 5G mobile proxies ensure to undertake all of the action while keeping a low profile with ever-changing IPs. This makes not only the SEO but also the web scraping process as smooth and uninterrupted as possible.
  1. High Trust Score: They have a high trust score; this is also because mobile proxy users make use of the same IPs as regular cell phone users on data plans. Websites trust those IPs the most, making mobile proxies the best choice to go for as those IPs are very unlikely to get banned or blacklisted by websites.

The downside of Mobile Proxy/Elite Proxy

The only downside to using an elite proxy is the cost. As these proxies are high-quality proxies, you’ll end up paying for them more than you would for other proxies. But high-value things never come cheap. We, at MountProxies, have got you covered on that front as well.

Why Buy Elite Proxies/Mobile Proxies From MountProxies?

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To conclude, these kinds of proxies are highly beneficial to users who are concerned about keeping their online presence anonymous since they offer advanced security, absolute protection, and privacy on the internet. They may be on the pricier side but they sure are worth the investment as their advantages exceed far more than their drawbacks.