What Is IP Blocking And How Proxies Can Overcome It?

IP Blocking

What Is IP Blocking?

If you have suffered the inconvenience of being denied access to a website, it could be the result of IP blocking that is put in place as a security measure by that website. This is a standard response to hinder malicious, undesired activity that can potentially harm that website and is simply against that website’s community rules or terms of service. When a site or service put a block on an IP, one is denied access to the content available on that site. It enables websites to grant selective access to real genuine users and provides them an extra security layer against hackers and spammers.

Why Do Websites Block Your IP?

There could be a multitude of reasons why your IP is blocked in the first place. Let us shed some light on some of those reasons.

To Abide by Geo-Blocks: When you access the internet, your location dictates the content you will get your hands on. If you are unable to access content from a specific region that is the result of geo-restrictions and IP blocking is one way to ensure that it stays that way.

Control Online Traffic: If too many users try to gain access to a website at the same time, it could crash the site or slow down its services. That is why websites block such IPs which are in violation of the established bandwidth threshold for that website.

To Block Bots: Since high levels of traffic surge result from botting, websites block IPs to stop that and real users can get the brunt of this security measure in the process.

To Stop Fraudulent Transactions: Many e-commerce websites suffer from fraudulent activities. Such sites can use IP blocking to somewhat differentiate between real potential customers and potential scammers.

How Can Proxies Help Overcome IP Blocks?

Since your IP address is the common denominator here, it can all change if you can hide you can mask your real IP and that is where proxies come into the picture. Since they hide your real IP and assign you one of their own, this gives the illusion that you are connected from a different region with a different IP. This allows you to have a smooth web experience without any interruptions. Using proxies can help you achieve the following benefits:

Benefits Of Using a Proxy

Some of the benefits that come with using a proxy include:

Anonymity: Proxies allow you to be anonymous by masking your real IP. As a result, your real identity and location stay hidden from the prying eyes.

Bypassing Geo-Restrictions: When you mask your real location and replace it with, let’s say, a first-world country, you can access content and data that was otherwise denied to you because of your location.

Smooth Data-Scraping/Marketing research: Proxies broaden your horizon since now you can have more extensive and global research about products or services of your choice without having to face any hindrance or interruption.

Access To Blocked Online Streaming services: Many online streaming services such as Netflix limit their access to certain regions and block or provide selective access to the rest. A proxy can change that in a very short period of time, and you can enjoy your favorite shows as if you are actually in the country of your assigned IP.

Why Prefer A Mobile Proxy?

If you want to have the best online experience possible, you should go for an Elite Anonymous Proxy, that is when 4G/5G high-quality mobile proxies come into play. Even though you can enjoy the basic perks of anonymity with a regular proxy as well, the more informed step would be to choose mobile proxies over the rest. This is because they emit real cell phone signatures and connect to real cell phone towers. This makes them highly undetectable as proxies and gives the user the most secure and anonymous web experience there is.

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