Why Does the Speed of My Proxy Slow Down Sometimes?

Exchange and Refund Policy

Proxy speeds often depend on two things: 1. The time of the day and 2. The traffic at that moment. There are some typical hours, for example, business hours when network providers or cellular network carriers experience a high number of traffic trying to connect to their tower. Now in this case, what happens is that, because many people are simultaneously trying to connect to a network tower, the overload of connections results in reduced bandwidth for each user. This load starts reducing during “off-business” hours, (say at midnight when everyone’s asleep), and naturally, more bandwidth is allocated to the countable users who use the internet during that time.

Of course, there are instances where hardware issues account for slow data speed, but in most cases, it’s the traffic density on the network carrier’s end that determines how much bandwidth should be allocated to a user.

To discard there could be an issue with the user’s own ISP, we also encourage users to check their own speed without the proxy to discard issues while connecting to the internet on the user’s end.