Best Proxies for Instagram

Instagram Proxies

Why do you need proxies for Instagram?

Instagram is a social network platform that lets you connect with family, friends, brands, influencers, celebrities, thought leaders, and so on and so forth. People all across the globe use Instagram for personal as well as for business purposes. Now, for businesses, in particular, owning a few Instagram accounts; distributing and managing all the tasks via those might not be sufficient to achieve the full potential of their business. For that reason, they have to have multiple accounts at their disposal and automation tools in place but Instagram limits the number of accounts per IP to be around 5 and is very good at detecting the usage of bots, leading to accounts getting banned when the standard limit is abused.

That is when proxies come into play. Proxies not only hide your real IP address but also provide you with one of its own per rotation so you can create and manage a multitude of accounts without the fear of getting detected by Instagram and getting your accounts banned. The proxies that are engineered to best serve the Instagram account creation and automation tasks are casually termed Instagram proxies and the best type of proxies for the aforementioned tasks are mobile proxies.

As we all know, social media sites are blocked in many countries. Mobile proxies for Twitter, Facebook, Tiktok, or any other social media are a way to get around this block. Using a mobile proxy, you can connect to Twitter, Facebook, and other social media sites from anywhere in the world.

Why is Mobile Proxies best for Instagram?

When using a 4G/ Mobile proxy, all your requests to a website are routed through them with the help of mobile devices put in place by your selected proxy providers. Mobile proxies are the best type of proxies for Instagram for a couple of reasons:

Dynamic IP Addresses

Mobile devices do not stick to a single IP address for longer stretches of time. Mobile Network Operators assign an IP address to mobile devices for each internet connection and the IP is migrated back to the IP pool once the connection servers so the IP keeps changing for each session request giving users the opportunity to use one IP per account and move on to the next.


As mentioned above, since the IP keeps rotating and the same IP is put into use by various individuals, It becomes exceedingly hard for Instagram to backtrack the IP to a single user. Resultantly, they cannot block it because it raises the risk of them blocking real, genuine users of their services.

Natural Proxy for Mobile Apps

Since Instagram is primarily a mobile app and most Instagram users use mobile devices to access it, mobile proxy devices become the best and the most natural choice of proxies to use for Instagram automation. This is because of the fact that mobile proxies have real cell phone signatures and connect to real network towers which gives the illusion that a real user is behind the account; adding to the credibility of that Instagram account user.

In a nutshell, mobile proxies come quite handy when dealing with multiple social media accounts and automation tasks because of their extensive, dynamic, and quality IP pool and highest anonymity potential.