What proxies are best for social media automation and management?

What proxies are best for social media automation and management

When it comes to running multiple accounts regardless of the social media platform, 4G mobile proxies are optimal.

4G mobile proxies have residential IP addresses, run on real cell phones and connect to real cell phone towers – so social media platforms come to think that real individuals are using these profiles instead of automation. Furthermore, using the IP rotation that mobile proxies provide keeps your IP rotation within a general pool of other IPs, who are real people using real social media accounts. So in a scenario, even if platforms do suspect something fishy going on with some accounts, they can’t risk blocking an IP since they could be blocking everyone.

As a rule of thumb, VPNs and datacenter IPs should be ruled out for social media automation – the social media platforms know all the IPs of VPNs and datacenters and they’ll be detected and your accounts will be restricted or banned.

In sum, 4G mobile proxies generate almost natural use cases for social media accounts, which make them a perfect match for automation.