What are Rotating Proxies and why choose it?

Rotating Proxies

As evident from the term itself, rotating proxies is a proxy server that keeps the IPs in rotation. It uses one IP address for a single internet connection request and resigns that IP afterward. That does not mean that the IP is discarded. Instead, it is put back in the IP pool for other users to access. In layman’s terms, the resigned IP is replaced with a new one from the IPs available in the IP pool for each individual rotation request.

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Why choose rotating proxies?

A static proxy uses a single IP address for an extended period of time to undergo all tasks. You do not have the liberty to switch between IPs to make your online activity safe and secure from hackers or from anti-scraping measures put in place by websites to detect suspicious user behavior or botting activities. This puts you, your online data, and your activity at risk of being compromised and your IP being banned. Rotating mobile proxies can save you from all the trouble and ensure a smooth online experience without hiccups. Rotating proxies can be an extremely powerful tool for the reasons discussed below:

1. Absolute Anonymity

Mobile proxies hide your IP address, but rotating proxies keep on adding an extra layer of security to your IP address per request. Since in each request, a new IP is assigned to you, you have the added security layer of multiple IPs to mask your real one. This feature makes your real IP untraceable.

2. Enhanced Productivity

Since users can opt for IP rotation whenever needed, they can access multiple IP addresses and use them separately for individual tasks. This way, they can get more work done without any inconvenience or fear of their IPs getting banned.

3. Circumvent Blocks

You can divide your data requests over the internet among a multitude of IPs, so your requests do not reach your targeted website at once or with the same IP. This reduces the chances of your IP being blocked by that website exponentially.

4. Bypass Anti-Scraping Measures

Since users can make use of separate IP addresses to access a single source-a website, their IP rotation simulates the behavior of different organic users trying to access a site. This becomes extremely useful for web/data scrapers to bypass or dodge anti-scraping measures put in place by websites.

5. Added Security

Since users do not stick to a single IP and the IPs are changed frequently, a hacker or other malicious agents get enough time to track your IP address or mine your data. Rotating IP proxies keep safeguarding your online existence by constantly changing IPs giving you a real sense of privacy and security.

To conclude, best rotating proxies from MountProxies can come in handy for smooth web/data scraping activities as well as a more secure, private, and anonymous web experience so they are the better choice to go for and worth investing in.