What Is IP Rotation? It’s Purpose and Benefits

IP Rotation

In today’s digital world, you must have come across the term “IP Rotation” on more than one occasion. For us to understand what is IP rotation and what purpose it serves and the added benefits of putting this practice to use, let us first understand and establish what an IP address really is.

What Is An IP Address?

An IP address is a digital address of a particular device that makes it unique and helps to set it apart from other devices. In simpler terms, It is a device’s Identity address.

What Is IP Rotation?

IP rotation is a process where IPs are assigned to an internet-connected device at random or scheduled intervals through ISP (Inter-Service Provider). Whenever a connection is established or disconnected, the IP is automatically changed and a new IP from the pool of available IPs is assigned to the device. IP rotation is either practiced by ISPs or by users on their own accord.

What Are The Benefits Of IP Rotation?

Let us discuss some of the benefits of IP rotation in detail.

  1. For Optimization of Resources: Since the pool of IPs is distributed among many users and they access it according to their own needs, the IPs are in a constant rotation among those users. The ISPs intend to optimize their resources, therefore, whenever an IP is left behind by a user, that IP is included in the pool so that it can be assigned to the next user.
  1. For Enhanced Anonymity: Since users can choose to have their IP rotated whenever needed, they can access multiple IP addresses and can put them to use separately for individual tasks. This way, their real IP stays masked and their online activity cannot be tracked back to their identity or location. This makes the whole web process anonymous and secure.
  1. To Overcome Anti-Scraping Measures: IP rotation for scraping emulates genuine users’ behavior and gives the illusion of multiple organic users accessing a website. This is very handy for web scrapers to bypass anti-scraping measures put in place by websites.

  2. To Avoid Blocks By Being Undetected: A major hurdle in the process of the vast amount of data collection is the risk of getting blocked by websites because of repeated connection requests. When IP is rotated, the chances of being detected and blocked by those websites are minimized.
  1. For Smooth Analytic Purposes: Different data analytical companies and organizations use IP rotation to scrape data for competitive, analytical and to conduct performance-based surveys.

In a nutshell, the practice of IP rotation is quite a useful technique to make the online web process as smooth, time-efficient, and unremitting as possible. Add that with the convenience to choose the time and number of IP rotation intervals and you have complete freedom and autonomy over the process. That is why you should always choose a proxy provider that can give you additional options so you can make your own decisions and that is when MountProxies can be of immense advantage to you.

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